Nudes banished


Triangle, by Kirsten Kokkin.

The High Plains Arts Council board of directors, which oversees installation and maintenance of pieces in Benson Park Sculpture Garden, accepted “Triangle.”There were a few conditions for the move. “Triangle” will be viewable only from paths and walkways in the park. It cannot be seen from streets and a church surrounding the garden. – Loveland Commission Votes To Move Nude Sculpture:

You may recall I covered the start of this story back in August. Well the decision has been made to relocate the sculpture to a less visible and presumably less offensive area. I don’t know what the council seeks to gain by relocating this work, all they are doing is drawing attention to the sculpture and to their prudishness.

Presumably, for this sculpture’s development as a public art piece, a proposal would have been sent to the arts council detailing the theme, construction and appearance. there would have been diagrams or photos or some representation along with strong description. A selection board would have acted together to approve the piece and its location. so what happened? they must have known the piece involved nudes. It is going to cost a lot to move it, on top of the price the council already paid for the sculpture and its original installation.

In the end, is it worth it? Is this piece offensive enough to warrant such extreme measures?

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2 thoughts on “Nudes banished

  1. Unless something is blatent pornography I really see nothing gained by moving a sculpture. The human body is one of the most natual things in the world, lets face it, we all pretty much know whats under everyones clothes. Theres no reason for the shame or false modesty, it’s nothing we havent seen. Look at ads and tv shows and movies, theres more sexual content there then most art galleries ever hold.

  2. DAMN. The piece is not offensive. I’m really disappointed at the outcome. It’s distressing to hear that a bundle of money which otherwise could have been spent on worthy projects will now be diverted to be used to assuage the egos of the narrow minded. That being said I’m not surprised. 😦

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