Iris, by Rodin

Some exhibits are merely allusive to sex but others are highly explicit, possibly shocking some viewers. “Eros is not always sex, but it is in no way pornography,” comments curator Ulf Kuester. Organizers of the show, mounted at the Beyeler Foundation museum at suburban Riehen, say it is the first ever to present such a range of erotica.
On view are paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, videos, films and artistic installations, on loan from museums and private collections in the United States and Europe, as well as from Beyeler’s own stock of imagery.
EROS in Modern Art: Broad Swiss show focuses on sexuality in modern art – iht,europe,A&E Switzerland EROS in Switzerland – Europe – International Herald Tribune:

I would love to see this exhibition, Sexuality and sensuality explored by some of my favorite artists. The Posing of Iris is some of the bet I’ve seen, so dynamic and raw while still maintaining sensuality and Rodin’s masterful organic feel. No Doubt there will be a lot of people who object to this, but for now it’s wonderful to see how attitudes have shifted to allow a show like this to happen.

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