It all Comes Down to Nipples

Preliinary Nude sketch
Preliinary Nude sketch, by Jennie

I had a random realization yesterday, I think I have been a victim of self censorship. Look at my last two shows. The first one was very edgy and out there, especially with some pieces. A lot of people mentioned to me how uncomfortable it made them, how raw and emotive it was – that it was too ‘in your face.’ The next show, I sub-conciously toned it down. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I edited nipples and posed my nudes or shaded so there was no genitalia showing. I guess I wanted to ensure that this show was less dramatic and more joyful. The technique was better, my compositions and pieces were much better technically but they lacked a certain edge. They looked like my work but didn’t *feel* like my work if you know what I mean.

Well, now that i have realized that I am going to stop worrying how people are going to take my exhibitions and stick with the pieces, and the themes, that I want to create. I have some works in planning at the moment that are very dramatic, I am excited about seeing them come to life. I am also thoroughly enjoying sketching everything out, it’s very freeing to get all of these down on paper.

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2 thoughts on “It all Comes Down to Nipples

  1. A lot of students quite comfortable drawing the nude body trip up when they come to the model’s face. It’s another one of those finishing touches that include the secondary sexual characteristics such as nipples . But the face is much more than that, in that it show a persons character. If you can draw the face, then you can draw anything.

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