Behind the Scenes

24" x 30"
Oils on Canvas,
by Jennie

In preparation for actively hunting galleries, I have done a lot of work behind the scenes – My new marketing materials have arrived, they look outstanding. I especially love my new business cards (Thanks Vistaprint!). I have also worked on my website. I think it is looking pretty damn fine, I have whittled my gallery down to two main ones representing my main styles. i may add a third gallery of my other stuff if it is missed, but I think I have enough works now that I can afford to represent the best of the best, my signature pieces.

I have spent quite a large amount of time re-photographing and enhancing the photos of my works on Photoshop. Making sure the colors are as true to life as I can make them on my screen, sharpening the detail and taking out little things like glare and shadows. it’s time consuming and boring but I do it in front of the TV and it isn’t so bad – it makes a huge difference.

Things still to do involve getting some kits together ready to send out, mounting the photos of my pieces and sorting out my portfolio and editing my Blog categories. they don’t seem to be working for me anymore – I think I should tighten them up.

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