Apparently I’m a DaVinci! Boundless Gallery Changes

Running - 24x24 Acrylic and Gesso on Canvas

Running – 24×24 Acrylic and Gesso on Canvas by Jennie

Boundless Gallery, my main online gallery, has been undergoing changes. From opening up new ways to search for art to adding social media aspects, it’s really pushing ahead in the world of online galleries. One of the biggest of changes is the introduction to plans. now, I hate putting down money up-front for anything. I will debate every expenditure, especially when it comes to my career- I worry about everything, terrified I won’t make it back. but I have sold most of my international works through Boundless and am rated as a “best seller” so it was suggested by Luke at Boundless I join under the DaVinci plan which is a larger upfront fee but involves no commission at all. I have to admit I hadn’t even thought about it until his email, I immediately discounted it as an ‘upfront cost’ and ran away screaming and never did the math (because, like fees, I will run away from math as well)- but the numbers added up and I deliberated before buying my plan at the last possible minute of the launch sales (never one to do anything until I absolutely have to). it’s scary but it may give me the push I’ve been after to get some of my new thoughts down on canvas.

I do recommend Boundless Gallery to artists looking to sell their work, it’s really helped me keep my career turn a profit and collect collectable collectors.

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