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tn_JRmed.jpg CONTACT: Jennie Rosenbaum at 0433 619 604 or (03)8516 1006
1/31 Nullawil St,
Springvale, Victoria 3171

Recovery comes full circle through an art exhibition by critically acclaimed artist Jennie Rosenbaum

Purity is a celebration of life and experience, a journey of recovery and discovery held at Box Hill Community Arts Center Gallery

MELBOURNE, Victoria — June 30, 2008 — The body has long held a fascination for Jennie Rosenbaum. Starting life drawing at a young age and pouring over medical anatomy texts, it has always been a source for inspiration for her art. However, since a car accident in Box Hill in which Jennie suffered a lasting disability, this fascination has become something more like an life-line.

In July 2004 Jennie and her husband were involved in a t-bone car accident at the corner of Canterbury Rd and Station St in Box Hill. The past few years have seen Jennie struggling to regain her mobility and independence after her resultant chronic pain disability. “Painting was always a hobby before, now it’s become a lifeline – something that drives away the pain. it’s given me so much to focus on.” And, as she progressed with her art, her keen interest in the nude and it’s connection to the mind and spirit grew exponentially.

This connection is particularly obvious when viewing these artworks. Minimal nudes in white with brightly colored lines, these paintings focus on purity of line and form, telling a story in a few short strokes. the lines are delicately formed, reminiscent of calligraphy and are repeated several times over until the perfect economy of form and function is achieved.

It seems fitting that Jennie’s first solo exhibition premiers only 150 meters from the site of the car accident that started it all. It’s the culmination of Jennie’s motivation and drive, coming full circle. These art works have a sense of hope and optimism that mirrors Jennie’s own.

The exhibition is entitled Purity and is showing at Box Hill Community Arts Center Gallery from the 3rd of August until the 8th of August. The opening is a relaxed afternoon tea on Sunday the 3rd from 2-4pm.


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Journalists, newsletter publishers, bloggers and others: For the full press release please visit: You are welcome to print this article in it’s entirety or excerpted. please include the exhibition details in any print. Jennie Rosenbaum is available for interviewing and can be contacted at or on 0433 619 604 or (03)8516 1006


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