Website Madness

Iweb As if the latest updates weren’t enough I have been working tirelessly on my website. (well, not tirelessly exactly, a lot of it was very tiring in a mind numbing sort of way)

a lot of the changes are behind the scenes. I have a new webhost (with possibly one of the worst webpages I’ve ever seen but a fantastic offering) which is now fully propagated and operational. This new package will allow me to add some new features that will be rolled out over the next week or so.

One of the main things I wanted to implement is a seamless and effective gallery solution that would allow me to keep working with iWeb (which is actually nice to work with and just practical for my needs). I really like Lightbox. I’ve seen it on a number of art sites and appreciate the functionality as well as the look. So I was delighted to discover modified code for use on apache servers that automatically implements lightbox for iweb created webpages. the key is the .htaccess rewrite rule which gave me some trouble but the arcanities were pushed aside and the mod appears to be working perfectly! I have tested it on Safari, Opera, Firefox, Netscape and Omniweb. I have heard it works fine in IE but haven’t been able to test it (because I am happily ensconced in an all mac household).

I will be adding new mailing list software over the next few days and will be roiling out regular newsletters soon so stay tuned.

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5 thoughts on “Website Madness

  1. Works in galeon, too (and iceape, but that’s just re-branded firefox).

    Things like reloading or bookmarking the page now drop one back to the thumbnails, which is fine.

    The labels now generally fit on the screen – partial exception is “Reaching”, because it’s narrow and tall, the caption wraps to three lines at my default font size and I only just get the “Image 6 of 9” visible; at 110% font size, I only get the top 2/3 of “Image 6 of 9″… However, it’s probably OK as it is.

    In Gallery Two, the link at the very bottom right to Gallery One is non-functional.


  2. oops! it turns out the link was linking to the page it was on :oops:!

    I’m glad this one works better, I certainly like it more. it’s swishy without being pretentious and effortless (well, now that it’s implemented it’s effortless, earlier – not so much!). I like things that just work.

    I now have custom error pages as well. just because I can 🙂

    Next up.. phplist!

  3. Damn, I have now followed that .htaccess article five times, and without any luck. I can’t get iWeb to use the lightbox. I think it has to do with my paths being wrong, but it feels like I’ve tried every kind of combination I can think of.
    I have tried doing _exactly_ what he says in the article, but no luck..


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