Dedicated to the art of the Nude

Hiding  - 18" x 18" Oils on Canvas

Hiding – 18 x 18 Oils on Canvas,
by Jennie

Once again the time has come for the barebrush monthly juried show. I’ve put in a good showing so far, gaining an honorable mention for Grace last month in the new competition that has been added and having several of my pieces featured in the exhibition.

This month sees a new Chelsea gallery owner as curator and the competition is fierce! you can all help me by taking a look at my works on the barebrush site, every view puts my work higher on the lightbox and really makes a difference.

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2 thoughts on “Dedicated to the art of the Nude

  1. Hey Jennie!

    Just wanted to let you know, that image tag is breaking up a whole bunch of stuff on your LJ feeds – I believe the issue is your use of double-quotes for inches in the alt tag. Might want to change them to the HTML encoded version, if you’re able! 🙂

    — Lee

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