Flow (detail)

Flow (detail) by Jennie
This piece is for sale

This week has been the tech week from hell. my Keyboard died (it’s back up now though obviously), consolidating our iTunes libraries on our new HDD took considerably longer than it should have, I have lost some music, and the Internode Price hikes came through.

I signed up with internode scant hours before they announced the changes. I then tried submitting a cancellation twice when I found out the costs. the status check page said my installation was still in progress so I foolishly believed that meant I could halt the process and cancel. stupid really.

now I am up for the connection fee and the first month. they were adamant that the provisioning had gone through and that I was liable. I tried everything. I spoke to everyone. I tried being reasonable, being angry, being depressed, legalese, I even played the disabled card, and for nothing!

Now it appears my phone is broken. this gets better and better.

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