New Nude – Cold

Cold - Oils on Canvas

Cold – Oils on Canvas by Jennie

my painting has been sporadic but effective this week. I’ve finished glazing the blindfold on this piece, and painted a highly psychological piece in a marathon session that left me drained and very sick. I am not ready to photograph it or talk about it yet, it’s face to the wall at the moment.

this piece I have titled Cold. it appeared in my head as a result of trying to deal with my controlling and judgmental mother. for me it symbolizes weathering her coldness and pleading with her for love and acceptance.

Pieces like this are my way of defying the feelings inside me. I banish them to the canvas and seek to move on. They are dark but they are also positive, at least for me. I am putting my fears down, and not letting them beat me. What do you think?

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