10 reasons why we must change perceptions of the nude

Freedom  - 36x36  Oils on Canvas

Freedom – 36×36 Oils on Canvas by Jennie
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It constantly amazes me every time I read about censorship of nude art. In India even private exhibitions are raided and arrests of artists have been made for creating nude art. teachers have been reviled all over the world for being associated with it. knee jerk reactions everywhere are creating a perception of the nude and an undercurrent of mistrust and revulsion. This state of affairs cannot continue and I fear the implications are far reaching. this is my list of reasons why we must strive to change the way the nude is viewed.

  1. Banning or censoring the nude sends the message that the human body is a dirty and disgusting thing.
  2. Many reasons for the censorship of nudes stem from the belief that nudity and the human body are inherantly sexual.
  3. This belief encourages children to think of their bodies as sexual things. this in turn encourages the early sexualization of children – which is a growing concern.
  4. Nude art can break down barriers between peoples by emphasizing our similarities and frailties.
  5. Nudes are a classic subject in art history. Discounting nudes means leaving out some of the greatest works of art of all time.
  6. Censorship of this nature encourages narrow minded thinking. challenging perceptions and opinions causes us to think and expands our minds, leading to developments, innovations and creativity.
  7. Most religions are founded on the concept that the human body is holy, or created in god’s image. this principle is challenged and undermined when people are encouraged to believe that the human body is dirty and disgusting.
  8. Encouraging children to feel ashamed of their bodies paves the way for eating disorders, control issues and sexual problems. a healthy attitude towards the body creates a healthier mind.
  9. Nudity is everywhere, it covers our magazines, our billboards and our TVs. unlike most nude art, it is usually sexual in nature. surely it is important to balance that with artistic nudes that are not necessarily sexual and celebrate our differences and flaws rather than condemn them.
  10. We are all nude under our clothes.

It is crucial to stop the condemnation of nude art. we must encourage the celebration of the human body and the human spirit and celebrate our differences and our flaws. we have to stop the knee jerk reactions of those who would censor this art form. Comment to show your support or to enter a reason of your own for why we must change perceptions of the nude.

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