Nudes on Imagekind

Storm - 12x12 Oils on Canvas

Storm – 12×12 Oils on Canvas by Jennie
SOLD – Buy the Print!

I’ve been working at making prints available for my most popular and sold works. I’ve been getting excellent images together, scaling them up carefully and touching them up with my tablet. I’ve also been reviewing different print on demand sites, setting things up and watching how they work. Over the next few days I will go over the ones that I have tried – I’d love to hear your feedback!

A recent newcomer on the scene is Imagekind, and while it is new it already has a huge amount of traffic and an enormous amount of people selling due to it’s connectivity to

having connectivity to flickr is a master stroke allowing images hosted on Flickr to be used to print works on imagekind. This makes it easy to manage and upload works while keeping space down on the imagekind servers. they offer a lot of easy print options and are able to do a lot with your image sizes. more, I think, than some other PoD services.

it would be nice to see imagekind become more of a two-way street with Flickr. Perhaps a link on flickr pages as well, and expanding the social marketing options to include flickr friends and comments as well as imagekind ones. an organization screen that runs in Safari would also be good but perhaps I am being selfish (grr – I have to open firefox each time!). Flickr won’t accept over 10meg files either which unfortunately means that I do use some of my realestate on imagekind as well for the bigger files (and bigger prints) if I don’t want to risk losing quality. I love being able to design a frame that goes with each piece and to have some social marketing interactions the features are excellent making this a real winner.

I still haven’t finished tweaking my images, frames and descriptions but you can see what I have been up to at

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