Running  - 24x24 Acrylic and Gesso on Canvas

Running – 24×24 Acrylic and Gesso on Canvas by Jennie
this painting is for sale

does it feel like a time of portents to anyone else? as I watched the eclipse tonight I was struck by how everything feels like it is coming full circle. some things are drawing to a close, wrapping up, or making way for other new changes. new things are starting up, evolving and growing. Ideas are taking shape and I feel like I am rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and ready to take on anything.

it isn’t spring here yet, but this winter has been more dark and forbidding than any other I could remember. it feels like months have been chopped out of my life that I will never get back but finally everything seems to be moving again and reminding me that even when things are dark and miserable we have the strength to continue and wait for things to turn around.

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