Artist Rising – Rising no More?

Statuesque  - 24 x 30 Oils on Canvas

Statuesque – 24 x 30 Oils on Canvas by Jennie
SOLD! Buy the Print (but not on Artist Rising)

Artist Rising was a big player in the PoD sites, running from it promised good returns, traffic and great options for artists. Unfortunately the powers that be decided to change it’s existing (and excellent) PoD and Original art service and split it into two different sections – Sistino and Artist Rising, creating a great deal of confusion for artists and buyers alike.

Recently, both sites were merged once again but it appears that the damage has already been done. no updates are being made on the Artist Rising site, with the same news items and featured artists that have been up for months now. According to the forums, sellers appear to be leaving in droves. apparently purchases have dried up altogether, too many changes have made this site lose it’s fan base. it’s a pity for what appeared to an excellent arts service and a great place for discovering new talent. I hope it gets it’s groove back.

All images need to be approved prior to offering them for sale and, sadly, nothing has been happening on that front either – so unfortunately I can’t shamelessly direct you to my works for sale (I recently cleared the old ones out to put the new ones in – boy do I feel stupid now ;))

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