Nimoy’s Nudes

Leonard Nimoy has created a stir yet again with his controversial nude photography. his exhibition the Shekhina Project created a stir in the Jewish community with female nudes draped in traditional Jewish clothing usually worn by men. His current project, the full body project, has lead to public ponderings on whether ‘Spock’ has a fetish, but Nimoy hopes to broaden people’s understanding and acceptance of their own bodies.

In an article with the New York Times, Nimoy goes into his own discovery and growing passion for the series as well as his concerns for women everywhere feeling that they have to conform to an image advocated by the media.

These women are not hiding beneath muumuus or waving from the bottom of the Grand Canyon à la Carnie Wilson in early Wilson Phillips videos. They are fleshy and proud, celebrating their girth, reveling in it. It is, Mr. Nimoy says, a direct response to the pressure women face to conform to a Size 2.Girth and Nudity, a Pictorial Mission – New York Times:

Leonard Nimoy is a surprising advocate for size acceptance and some are wondering if, by celebrating larger women he is encouraging the obesity problem. I personally think that we should embrace ourselves and be who we are, and not feel compelled to adhere to an unrealistic goal. I think Mr Nimoy’s new works present a very honest view of these larger women, they are neither softened nor sugar coated but each photo also celebrates each woman. what do you think?

2 thoughts on “Nimoy’s Nudes

  1. This is a wonderful thing – that a celebrity has the stuff to stand up for what is right and celebrate the beauty of larger, real women. Hollywood is so off-base, we badly need some balance – people, like Nemoy, who can say it’s okay (or even preferable) for a woman to look like a woman!

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