Public Nudes Not Vilified

Pleiades nude

Pleiades nude by (c) Andrew DeVries

Susan Loehn said her office had not received any complaints about the nudity and she did not anticipate prosecuting DeVries any time soon.

“I love that it’s in such a public place,” she said.

Geis said she considered the possible outcry before she arranged the exhibit and consulted the Northampton Arts Commission, a city board with appointed members. The commission was enthusiastic about the sculptures, but Geis ran it by the people at her hairdresser’s just in case.

“They said, ‘It’s great! You should go for it!’” she said.

The members of the Camner family, who were visiting from out of town, also gave the exhibit their endorsement yesterday. Lisa M. Camner, a graduate student at Princeton University, called the exhibit intriguing.

“It’s a very beautiful portrayal of human forms,” she said.

Her parents, Sharon and Robert Camner, said they don’t have much public art in Tacoma, Wash., where they reside. They didn’t think the nudity in the exhibit was off-putting.
Nude statues taken in stride-

It’s so easy to focus on all of the restrictions about nudes, the controversies and the censorship. while the world’s view is getting narrower it’s a breath of fresh air to read about a public sculpture exhibition where absolutely no-one minded the nudes. The article is written with an almost disbelieving air. perhaps, like me, they are pleasantly surprised.

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One thought on “Public Nudes Not Vilified

  1. Enjoyed your post! The question of nudity in the public space is quite a complex one. I have been doing photography for some years now and recently begun doing nudes. The beauty of the human body is worth praising and remembering.


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