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Cocoon by Jennie

I am musing over my website. the latest version of iWeb has improved some of the key issues but has changed the gallery setup quite drastically so I find myself in a difficult place. I can continue with my original gallery setup with the .htaccess lightbox mod and switch to self managing my gallery again (rather than the very simple integration with iPhoto – yes I am lazy) or I can change to the new format which is more of an ajax type with a dynamic load and a slideshow format. this seems like a very small thing to consider, and normally it wouldn’t give me a moment’s doubt, but I am unable to integrate sales information links into the new gallery type. what I have been considering for the past few weeks is adding sales options below the images that have either originals or prints available. I have received a lot of requests for sales information integrated with my pages and am still torn on whether this is the direction I wish to travel in. on one hand it offers another potential income stream and different traffic options – on the other, it could piss off commercial galleries by looking too self managed.

So I put my questions to you dear readers – would you prefer to see sales options on my website gallery pages? or, do you think it is best to leave the sales info to my blog or to separate pages on my website?

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