Why not expose children to nudes?

Journey to the New by Itzik Asher

Our kids today learn almost nothing about art, never mind nudity in art. Their only exposure to nudity is the semi-porn they see on TV and in videos. So if you pass this sculpture with your kids, I say get out of the car and talk to them about the beautiful ways artists can interpret the human body.[From Show your kids nude sculptures!]

Heh what a great take on this controversy! and from a parenting blog too. you know, I haven’t weighed in on this yet because I think everything I need to say on the subject I have said many many times over. it’s just so refreshing to read online someone who agrees that a nude sculpture in public is not the end of the world.

Personally I think it’s a very interesting piece, I haven’t seen any great photos of it though to really look at. the subject matter is fascinating also, perhaps people should be focussing on that more if the nudity is really bothering them, but as it says in the quoted blog post and in many others I’ve written you don’t have to look at it if it offends you, but freedom of expression still means that it has a right to be and that others have a right to not be offended by it.

Itzik Asher titled Journey to the New, which represents the journey of Russian and Ethiopian Jews from their homes to Israel.

It depicts a family — a father, a mother holding an infant and an older child by the hand. The figures are larger than life and elongated. Their nudity is subtle.

“It’s a figurative piece, somewhat abstract,” said Richard Caster, who owns the shopping center and has other large sculptures peppering its front lawn. “It’s natural and beautiful.”

Caster said he’s received some complaints, but also praise. He said he rotates the sculptures throughout the shopping plaza.

[From PTA president, parents, irate over nude sculpture near school — South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com]

I think it’s strange that nobody has mentioned what a cool thing it is that a shopping center is showing artworks and rotating them around. people don’t go to galleries and museums that much these days it seems, but the mall is still eternal. to have some exposure to art on a daily basis like that can only be a good thing.

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