Finally! the finished Crawl.

Crawl - 36 x 48 Acrylics, Pastels and Gesso on Canvas

Crawl – 36 x 48 Acrylics, Pastels and Gesso on Canvas by Jennie

This piece has taken almost a year to finish. it’s been the most stubborn painting I have ever created and I’ve shed a few tears of frustration over it I don’t mind admitting. I did list it as finished a while back but I was never satisfied that the painting was what it could be. so I stuck with it until the very end. I’m glad I did.

The good news is that I learned a lot while doing it, small things like not working with a rapidly drying impasto in the heat of summer, and that I can make a piece work if I persevere, even if it takes a year!

I also got to experiment with a lot of different media in trying to make this one work, I learned a lot that I will be able to apply to other works. In the end it was the water soluble pastels that worked and I really enjoyed the different effects they could create.

I don’t know if I will ever love it, but I am proud to have finished it and I have learned a lot in the process- that makes it important in my book!

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