New Nude: Lazy

Lazy - 20 x 8 Oils on Canvas

Lazy – 20 x 8 Oils on Canvas by Jennie

I’m still working on smaller images and refining my techniques. the smaller you work, the more precise you need to be so I am learning a lot about myself, my techniques and patience. I think it is really paying off. While I have not created as many works as I wanted this year – the overall quality has improved substantially and I have to take pride in that! last year I did a lot of pieces in a rush for exhibitions, this year I’ve really been focussing more on my own work and evolving. I want to experiment more but I feel like I have the freedom at the moment to do so.

This piece was a great deal of fun. I think I am getting more confident to play with angles and perspective and I am really enjoying experimenting with new things. It’s fun to let my brain ramble the way it wants to with no set theme or concept. still nudes though, I can’t get tired of them!

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One thought on “New Nude: Lazy

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