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Verso  - 18" x 18" Oils on Canvas

Verso – 18" x 18" Oils on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum

I’ve been wondering for a while about my little picture descriptions. I used to write little 1-2 line descriptions, almost like a little obscure story, a window into the piece. they were not poetic exactly but slightly lyrical in nature.

Time stalks us all, beauty is a fleeting moment – Statuesque is that moment preserved forever, perfect, captivating, sad.

Give into the yawning chasm beneath you, surrender yourself and slide into oblivion.

Elfin, ethereal, flowing, Silf is timeless beauty, sensual and strong but Solitary. She turns her back on the world and lives within her own.

The body is poetry, each line and curve a verse. Sometimes hard and unforgiving, sometimes flowing and golden, always unique.

Some are better than others.. I guess I’ve been wondering, are these wanky and posery or are they a little flash of insight? would I be better off creating descriptions or keeping in this theme of writing down what the images say in my head (a disturbing and strange place).

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