Ding Dong

Freedom  - 36" x 36"  Oils on Canvas

Freedom – 36" x 36" Oils on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum

The block is dead..

thank god! I was going crazy there for a minute! nothing like some visual stimulus to help get out of that mindset. Sometimes it’s looking at art and being inspired, sometimes it’s sitting down and watching a movie. ok, often it’s watching a movie. Last night it was V which is still brilliant, even on the umteenth rewatching. combining the beautiful imagery of V and then putting on Rent on my iPod allowed me to drift into my painting state.

I’m not ready to post what I painted, it’s not quite finished. It’s another blindfold piece so I have to glaze the blindfold on still. but so far I am happy with it.

so far.

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