New Nude: Lunge

Lunge – 30×40 Mixed Media on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum

I admit to some trepidation starting out building up more works for this show, my last attempt at this technique was disastrous to say the least and I’ve had a little bit of a block since then. however, I’m committed now. so I went back through my visual diary to look at previous sketches I did when I was more in tune with this technique and.. well.. this is the result. sometimes you just have to tell the worries to shut up, put on some awesome music (oh yes, it was RENT again, it never fails to get me going!) and go for broke. as usual this is a bit different to the original design, but I am quite happy with it!

Apologies again for the bad photograph, I will take it again in the next few days in a few different locations to try to make the most of this appalling melbourne light. the white ones are especially hard because I need the texture to show up but not to cast a shadow.

2 thoughts on “New Nude: Lunge

  1. Thanks Aeddan! 😀 this one came together surprisingly easily, I’m just sorry it took so long!
    I’m putting together a range of different sizes and affordability for this show so who knows?

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