Purity Exhibition Post Mortem

Pivot - 48 x 36 Acrylics, gesso and Pastel on Canvas
Pivot – 48 x 36 Acrylics, Gesso and Pastel on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum

This was my first time going solo. previously I have had interactions with other artists and constant to-ing and fro-ing on all of the plans. The control freak in me loved organizing the whole thing, not having to fit in with other artists (usually also control freaks) and being able to have final say. a lot of the things I had percolating in the back of my mind from my other exhibitions definitely played a part and on the whole I thought they went well.

I think this was a very successful show. the newspaper article and the large amount of foot traffic over the week gave me some excellent exposure (and new mailing list signups) and I got very good feedback. sales went well, I won’t say how much I made but I definitely made a substantial profit (hooray for profit!). all the panic and nerves and fear came to nothing, as usual, but I’d be naked without them.

Things I would change for next time; More time! I keep agreeing to these exhibitions with only a few months to spare! that is the main mistake I made in this exhibition and I hope I won’t make it again. because I was so rushed the opening wasn’t as well organized as I would have liked and I didn’t have time to issue a second press release. I also think I should time my press releases and event notices a little better. I think my biggest mistake was time because my biggest problem was stress. creative work doesn’t work to a schedule and I keep forgetting that.

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