Purity Exhibition Post Mortem

The control freak in me loved organizing the whole thing, not having to fit in with other artists (usually also control freaks) and being able to have final say. a lot of the things I had percolating in the back of my mind from my other exhibitions definitely played a part and on the whole I thought they went well…. because I was so rushed the opening wasn’t as well organized as I would have liked and I didn’t have time to issue a second press release.

thankyou everyone

I am very proud of the effort that went into this show and of the final result…. everyone seemed to have a good time, and the article in the leader newspaper definitely brought people in. I will do a proper post mortem later…. then I will get stuck into cleaning the horrific bombsite that is my studio and get it running again.

Press release

CONTACT: Jennie Rosenbaum at 0433 619 604 or (03)8516 1006 1/31 Nullawil St, Springvale, Victoria 3171 jennie@jennierosenbaum.com http://www.jennierosenbaum.com Recovery comes full circle through an art exhibition by critically acclaimed artist Jennie Rosenbaum Purity is a celebration of life and experience, a journey of recovery and discovery held at Box Hill Community Arts Center Gallery MELBOURNE, Victoria — June 25, 2008 — The body has long held a fascination for Jennie Rosenbaum…. in a fickle, fast-drying medium, this presents an additional challenge, but this technique represents so much about Jennie, carving what you want from what you have and working diligently until the end result is achieved…. “I could have given up when it all came crashing down, I could have given into the pain and resigned myself to depression, but instead I chose to look on this as an opportunity to pursue my love of art and try to forge a successful career from the ashes of my former life.”


I’m a perfectionist, obsessive and demanding, I expect only the very best from myself and my personal opinion of myself seems to weigh heavily on whether or not I’ve attained that perfection…. now that I’ve cracked, and faced the worst I am ready to go on again, building up, pushing further and faster ahead until I crack once more from the strain and the lovely cycle starts over again…. but if I skip a day or so here and there try not to think too badly of me – I’m probably in the studio because, luckily, painting is something that almost always gives me some measure of peace.


These are the preliminary designs for the invitations – I thought it would be nice to have two different ones along the same theme. I have not yet decided whether to put anything on the backs of them – probably just a short blurb. what do you all think?

Pressure Mounting

Storm – 12×12 Oils on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum it use to be that I needed pressure, it fueled me and spurred me on. I would rise under it the more I had to cope with. I am sure I will be like that again very soon but I admit I’ve been panicking quietly about this show , once I get into the studio and do some painting I am sure I will relax and start working in my usual pre show manner (in a massive flurry of creativity) but I have to get over this case of nerves first! to help with that I’ve reverted to my old Project management practices to make sure I know when everything needs to get done, and how, and what I have to do, what relates to everything else and how long everything will take to do.

Upcoming Solo Show – Purity

The gallery has wonderful natural light and a really interesting layout that I think will be perfect for my white Impasto works…. this location (apart from being one I’ve always wanted to show in) is just down the road from where Liam and I had our accident. so it makes sense that my first solo should be so close to where it all began, and with my most hopeful and uplifting works.