MF Husain’s Nude art aquitted

Bharatmata (Mother India) by M.F. Husain

On Monday, three Supreme Court judges described his painting as a work of art and rejected a petition by complainant Dwaipayan Vekateshacharya Varkedkar seeking Husain’s prosecution for offending Hindus.

“It is an art like the sculptures. None get scandalized looking at the sculptures,”

The Times of India quoted the court as saying.

An elated Husain said he would consider returning to India after he has finished his work in Dubai. “It could be this year,” he said.

Akhil Sibal, attorney for Husain, said the Supreme Court’s ruling would serve as a benchmark in three other cases pending against Husain in New Delhi courts accusing him of offending the sentiments of Hind

[From Court acquits famous Indian painter over nude art]

Finally the proceedings that started with Husain’s elective exile have been put to rest. I think it’s wonderful that the courts have overturned such absurd charges but I wonder what this ruling, and the subsequent cases for which this is now a benchmark, will mean for the undercurrent of dissent about Husain and his work in India. will it actually be safe for his return? we have seen numerous examples of his work being vandalized and riots forming about his paintings all over the world. the reason he fled in the first place was to protect his body and his works from harm. I fear that this court ruling will not actually prevent that.
Here are the posts I’ve written about MF Husain to date. where do we go from here? who knows?

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