Customary nuisance

languish by Jennie Rosenbaum

I thought once I shipped my works to the Italian exhibition all I would have to worry about was the exhibition itself and getting them back again. how foolish am I?

first I de-stretch and package the works. I sent them off Express Courier International which is Australia Post’s best international service. It’s the one I always use for overseas deliveries because it is super fast and super safe. I have never had any problems with them.

the very next day I get a call saying they can’t ship the works because the combined value required an exporters registration number. this involved a trip to customs in the city, a lot of paperwork and resulted in my becoming a licensed exporter – cool!

so that was the end of it – right?

it gets sent to Italy. where it sits. in customs. for 2 weeks. why? who knows? apparently Italian customs is somewhat capricious.

the upshot is that the gallery are being fantastic, they are working hard to get it resolved. Australia Post are being less fantastic. I think the time and language difference is making it Too Hard for them. the exhibition has been postponed until we can get the works out of customs. I feel completely useless. and rather pissed off.

4 thoughts on “Customary nuisance

  1. On eBay a number of traders won’t post to Italy under any circumstances due to their customs. But seriously, what do they think you’re trying to smuggle in the paintings?

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