New Look!

new profle pics

One of the things I love about being an artist is the ability to look and dress however I want. back in corporateland I was in a boys club and a very young manager. to offest this I lived in Anthea Crawford suits and had very conservative hair. it was blonde, long and usually tied back in a powerbun or something. the most creative I got was a spiky variety of a power updo. I had the same stylist most of the time then and now, only now he and I go through the most creative magazines and get inspired by fun and silly and outrageous. my hair has been blonde and hot pink, blonde pink purple and black (in order from top to bottom), blonde purple turquoise and black (I mixed my own colors that time! they all had fun watching me – I tend to stick my tongue out) but this time we really wanted something different. my hair is now burgundy, red, pink, copper and black. it is the darkest it’s ever been and very cool. Liam says I am more confident with red hair, and maybe that’s the case! I finally managed to conquer my fear of the camera long enough to take a couple of new profile pics, bio photos and the like.

It’s winter and baby it’s cold outside! but things are heating up around here, I’ve been painting my butt off! will show my new work soon but for now I am just enjoying the pure joy of creating.

PS shameless plug, if you live in the SE suburbs of Melbourne Navona Salon really is excellent. plus they bought my award winning painting Freedom and have it on display there.

3 thoughts on “New Look!

  1. As nudists, we tend to put physical appearance a ways down the list of impotrance, but gotta say, you are one hot little scamp! Love the color, it suits you. And don’t be so camera shy; how about a couple of pics around your town, where you live, your studio, Liam?

    Just realized that this comment looks kind of like one of those creepy things from a guy in a raincoat. Jennie, you know us and know better but thought that we shoupld clear that up. 😉

    – Angie & Steve

  2. Jennie……your best painting by far is….Rubenesque…..light years ahead of
    the next three….Stance and verge….I wonder why you don’t paint them much bigger
    say about 760 by 610mm…..using colours to show the form is a never ending
    dream….and there are so many variations….with Red – Green….and Purple – Beige
    and Blues….Malcolm

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