Pigeon Holed

Stance, a4 Watercolor and Pencil on Paper by Jennie Rosenbaum
Stance- a4 Watercolor and Pencil on Paper by Jennie Rosenbaum

I have felt pigeon holed lately by my writing. I am building a reputation for myself as a nude activist. Someone who stands up time and again to state that the nude is not porn and is not always about sex. I don’t believe the nude is necessarily sexual but i also think that there is a place for sexual expression in art without it being porn.

i have felt as though i am bound by this stance. it has stopped me from writing about certain topics, even from painting more explicit works. I feel like cannot write about my own sexuality or artists that I admire who do create sexualized nudes for fear of diluting my message or scaring off readers. but, do you know, there also comes a time when I have said almost everything there needs to be said on a particular subject, I don’t wish to repeat myself, I want to keep my blog fresh and new, rather than rehashing the same old tired arguments every time a nude is censored.

and what if a week or two go by without any censorship of nudes? what do I write about then? this blog was started initially to be a journal of my evolution as an artist and my developing career. but it started to get away from me, as writing often does, and take on it’s own life. I think there is room for both, I think there is room for a whole gamut of topics.

I have been thinking for a while now on the direction of this blog. I really enjoy writing, but lately I have suffered from the bane of all writers, writers block. so, in an effort to kick start my ideas and hopefully re-energize my blog, I am going to turn the question over to you, my readers – what would you like to see me write more about?

3 thoughts on “Pigeon Holed

  1. More Jennie!

    You’re a driven individual: If you had ever wanted to be a full-time blog journalist (rather than an artist) you’d be one by now.

    Hence, if it’s restricting your chosen career, let it go. You can always come back to it later and make a more definitive statement, round up the newsworthy things you’ve missed, maybe write a book about it, etc…

  2. I’ve got an idea where you’re coming from. My own blog has gone through several transitions and now it’s mostly about naturism and issues related to it. I’ve found myself becoming a naturist advocate and I’m going through a bit of writers block myself.

    Go ahead and write about those topics, sexualized nudes, etc.. I’m sure your dedicated readers will understand and you’ll handle those subjects tastefully and respectfully. It’s quite possible to discuss sexuality and the nude at the same time without it being porn or even erotic.

    I’ve seen many naturists, in their effort to seperate nudity and sex, virtually deny their sexuality. Sometimes they come off as nude prudes. It’s a matter of keeping things in perspective.


  3. Hey, why do you have writers block? You have never had “talkers” block. She gets that from her Mother. LOL at my own joke.

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