To thine own self be true.. Nude art and sensuality

Ecstasy - 36" x 40" Acrylic, Pastel and Gesso on CanvasOne of the reasons i’ve had a hard time writing in this blog lately (apart from being insanely busy) is that i’ve been afraid that i’ve said everything there is to say on the subject of non sexual nudes. I’ve waxed lyrical and vehemently about the difficulties nude art faces because people cannot distinguish nudity from sex. As a nudist and an artist specializing in nudes this speaks very closely to my heart.

Lately, however, i’ve found myself a little trapped. I haven’t been able to explore all the work I would like for fear of being seen as a hypocrite. Because i’ve only presented one side. Nudity does not have to be sexual, you all know my stance on that, but it can also be sensual, and there is nothing wrong with that. As long as it doesn’t break any taboos. (I say taboos because I live in a country that has a new crazy law every week and nothing to protect free expression).

There is a difference, too, between sexual and sensual. There are as many shades of gray as there are stages of undress. Art can be arousing. It should be arousing. It should inspire passion. Not just sexually, but in all things. Arousal and passion are not just the pervue of sexuality, but of life. And art is life.

2 thoughts on “To thine own self be true.. Nude art and sensuality

  1. Wonderfully said. I am saving that last paragraph on my quotes page and will probably re-use it at some unexpected time in the future. It says everything about art and everything about the determinedly gray society we in which we are living.

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