Nude of the Week – Release

Release - a new nude by Jennie Rosenbaum


Oils on Canvas
12×12 in


This Painting was a surprise to me, I don’t really remember painting it. I remember it as if it was a dream- small flashes of the whole. sometimes I get in “the zone,” a lizard brain state where it feels like I have very little to do with a painting. it all comes from somewhere else that my conscious brain isn’t involved with. it is a fickle and elusive state that artists pursue with abandon. the state often produces the best work, because when the conscious brain isn’t available to nit pick, the real art can start to emerge. the problem with the state, for me at least, is that it’s harder to feel good about the painting afterwards. the conscious brain starts to gripe about being left out of the action and becomes overly critical. I can’t help it, it seems to be part of my self destructive nature! so, how do I feel about this piece? I have no idea! how do you feel about it?

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