Century Project nudes under fire again

Cathy 32 by Frank Cordelle

They are not images any of us are used to seeing: women of all ages naked, even young girls. It’s part of The Century Project by photographer Frank Cordelle, who said its purpose was to show what girls and women are really like spanning a hundred years and also address problems they face, like anorexia and sexual assault. Not everyone thinks that’s what the project does.

“Just because someone says something doesn’t make it true,” said John Foubert. “I couldn’t believe that college campuses would actually pay a man like this to put his pictures up.”

Foubert, a sexual assault prevention researcher who works at Oklahoma State University, started a Facebook page urging people to protest The Century Project. He has said Cordelle’s exhibit borders on pornography.

“They are pictures that you would find certainly in the collections of sex offenders and the like,” said Foubert.

Beyond that, Foubert said he is concerned that rather than educating about sexual assault, it might encourage it.

[From Art exhibit to be displayed at UofL includes nude children – WAVE 3 TV Louisville, KY | ]

The Century Project is coming under fire once again. I sometimes wonder why there isn’t some sort of global legal package set up for this project by now. yes this is an art exhibition, yes it has a range of ages. it’s purpose is to educate women in issues that affect women of all ages and types. this project has been celebrated and criticized.
Personally I find it fascinating I have viewed the images available online for the century project and will probably invest in the book. it hasn’t toured here and I doubt it will with Australia’s ridiculous censorship laws but it is a wonderful concept with many levels of meaning that I think people should be exposed to. it’s uncomfortable to see girls so young with eating disorders, abuse sufferers and in pain. it’s difficult to see the issues that women battle throughout their lives. but it is important. and it should not be censored. The reality of this project is it’s strength. it is sensitive, emotive and deeply raw and disturbing but certainly not pornographic.
It is sad that someone like Foubert cannot listen to himself. just because he says this exhibit is pornographic does not make it true.

One thought on “Century Project nudes under fire again

  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing that Jennie. I like it. I think that’s really cool and I love that all different body types are used. This is most definately not porn. I like how people actually contacted the artist begging to be involved in this project. Very interesting.

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