In Memoriam

Truth - 24x24 Oils on Canvas
Truth – 24×24 Oils on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum

I’ve been thinking about getting a memorial tattoo for Granny. I want something on my inner elbow that I can see when I paint. just something small that will make me smile and remember her.

Granny’s favorite advice was go with the flow. it’s something that still resonates with me. she was a very relaxed person, the very epitome of practicing what she preached. I, on the other hand, am wound up tighter than a swiss watch. when I find everything getting to me it’s like I hear her voice telling me to just go with the flow. especially when I’m painting. she always taught me to relax when creating and let my art flow through me and I want to remember that always. now, I know that there is nothing that will make me forget, she’s etched in my memory, but a visual reminder that’s always there just when I need it. that sounds wonderful to me!

I just want something small. no outlines, just filled ink that looks like watercolor wash on my skin about the size of a 50c piece. my ideas are either a small chinese air cloud or a sakura blossom in some water. delicate, classic and all about the flow.

I miss you Granny!

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