Nude Jerry Hall by Freud sells for 600,000

Jerry Hall met Lucian Freud at a dinner in 1997 when she was eight months pregnant with her fourth child. He asked if he could paint her portrait, and she started posing the next day, three times/week, until she went into labor.

[From Eight Months Gone, Jerry Hall By Lucian Freud – Daddy Types]

I found myself wondering why this was such a big deal – £600,000 isn’t actually that much for a Lucian Freud, let alone one of a celebrity – but then I found out the size, 4x6in – a postcard size oil painting sketch. considering the size of Benefits Supervisor Sleeping and the price it set, this is consistent, even quite high.

I haven’t been following the sale of Jerry Hall’s art collection, but I wonder, along with the quoted author above, what else may have come out of all those sessions. this looks like a wet on wet sketch and probably quite fast. I wonder if there are any others lurking around. this sketch, even with it’s looseness show’s Freud’s wonderful treatment of skintones, gravity and luminosity.

One thought on “Nude Jerry Hall by Freud sells for 600,000

  1. Gee, I don’t know. That’s a lot of money for a fuzzy picture of a pregnant woman. I mean, my Ex was pregnant three times and I got the real thing! Don’t think I spent that much on her either. Hmm, maybe that’s why she’s ‘ex’. Hmm. 😉

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