Researching Australian Aboriginal Winged Figures.

One of the biggest challenges facing me in this series was to find winged figures in the mythology of the Australian Aborigines. this is no small feat as there are countless tribes all with separate belief systems (occasionally shared between neighboring tribes). to add to the difficulty, not much is documented or analyzed with these…

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 5.49.22 pm

Beautiful Faces

One of the things I love about this series is the chance to explore the beauty and diversity in faces and body types all over the world. it may not show in the final piece but I spend hours sculpting each face to accurately represent the ethnicity and attitude of each figure. I wanted to…

a sneak peek at a new render! this is based on a cave painting in South Africa.

Farewell 2013

A little late perhaps, but here is my summary of 2013. For good or for ill 2013 was a very odd year. The highs were extremely high, and the lows were extremely low. Any year that begins with the death of a loved and inspirational friend is thrown onto the wrong foot from the start.…

Brooding- 3D render by Jennie Rosenbaum

My approach to skintones

People sometimes ask me about the skin colors in my works. Up till recently, all of my figures have been without color- that is to say, I’ve focussed more on the light and shadow of the figure and the interraction of the light on the skin. I’ve looked at different skin tones, and worked with…

John Key backs daughter over nude snaps - One News | TVNZ

Stephanie Key’s nude photos have her father’s support

I really approve of New Zealand Prime Minister John Key’s reaction to his Daughter’s photoshoot. He sent her to one of the best art schools in the world, the Paris College of Art, and is then thrilled to see that she is using her tuition to create the art she wants to create. His comments were not those of a politician, carefully primed and written, heading off a crisis or a threat to his career as some sources have implied, his words are those of a proud dad. not an embarrassed dad, but an encouraging and supportive one.