New Representation @Artboy Gallery!


Greville St was always one of my favorite shopping streets. I love Chapel St, but Greville St and it’s Sunday market was a wonderful place full of unusual clothes, wonderful jewellery and artisan treats of all types. My dad and I would visit at least once a month and spend hours browsing stores and the market.

So when I heard that there was a really cool new gallery on Greville St I had to check it out! I poured over their website, facebook and google. and I really liked what I saw, interesting pieces all with a strong aesthetic in common. I read their submission details and, armed with my new ‘suck it and see’ attitude I sent my details in.

Before I knew it I was meeting with Marc and signing a consignment agreement! Go check it out, it’s a fascinating space with some wonderful artists. the artworks are largely urban and fresh – I found myself tempted by so many pieces. this is a hallamark of an interesting gallery to me, if I don’t want to buy the works they have why would I want to exhibit there?

Artboy Gallery

03 9939 8993

99 Greville St
Prahran 3181 Victoria

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