Quick! Don’t forget these important resolutions either!

It has been brought to my attention that I missed some key goals on my list. Not painting, painting is #1 and always will be (more on that next week) but my offline goals. I plead distraction. I wrote my to do lists a couple of times in different ways, and reasoned that I had already written them down somewhere, but I forgot to share them with you! It’s ok, I’m still in time, it’s not february yet!

I have galleries now, but I know that isn’t the end of it. Not by a long way. My best motivator is exhibiting. So I will be committing to finally writing up all the proposals in my head and sending them off. I have so many concepts and I want to see them realized, so now is the perfect time to get my work out there. I want another solo this year. And one next year. At the minimum. I also want to do more group exhibitions with local artists. I have a couple in the works but I’d love to be a part of more if you have any concepts.

Mostly, this year I want to ditch the excuses. Ditch the fear and ditch that nagging bitch in my head that keep telling me that I’m not good enough. We need doubt to keep us on our toes, but I have a surfeit of it currently and that’s something that needs to be fixed. I want to stop making excuses why I can’t go to that opening or meet up, I want to stop pushing myself away from the arts community and start getting more involved!

I will probably publish the abstracts of my proposals here as well, just to keep you all in the loop!

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