Too rude? Speech part one – my work

As I edited my speech from last week for posting, I realized it was way too long for a single post! This is the first part, about my work. I was introduced beautifully so I only needed to discuss my work itself. Some of these phrases will form part of my new artist statement.

“My artwork explores the nude figure. I find the human body to be a marvel, not just of engineering and design, but also of poetry and emotion. I am endlessly fascinated by what lies beneath, beneath clothes, beneath the layers of pain and beneath the masks we wear.

Nude Art is our history. It is our expression and our drive. It shows our growth as human beings and our evolution emotionally.

I mostly paint women. Strong, elegant and emotional, I capture different aspects of what it is to be a woman. I have been drawn to a difficult arena as censorship grows and fear over the nude body reaches fever pitch.

That is why I have dedicated myself to debunking myths about nude art. I want to show the world the beauty I see in the human body and share my firm belief that nudity is not threatening, it is not always sexual and it is here to stay.”

3 thoughts on “Too rude? Speech part one – my work

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  3. You tell them Jeannie! It is good to have someone contribute some reason to this ridiculous drive to censorship. In a world fraught with war, poverty, exploitation of people and destruction of the environment, it is bizarre that some people have chosen to oppose nudity as a cause. Wouldn’t their effort be better served by helping in the local homeless shelter, protesting war, demanding living wages for workers or stricter controls on pollution by industries? I just don’t get it. Keep on painting!


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