11 ways you can support the arts right now

A friend asked me the other day about this meme, and how people can go about supporting artists. I am a big fan of supporting talent and assisting artists wherever I can. it’s easy to say ‘go out and buy their art’, but what if you can’t afford it or you don’t have any space? so here are my tips on supporting the arts. there are more ways than you think!

  1. Show their work, display their name prominently and link to their site. let others know how much you love it! artists often rely on word of mouth. this is free and is always appreciated. don’t just take their work – always give credit.
  2. if you need a logo or graphics pay an artist to do them. find a local artist for your business, ask around. don’t promise “exposure” unless you know Gagosian and are going to personally arrange an interview.
  3. consider artisan gifts for christmas or birthdays. we are doing an artisan Christmas this year with handmade gifts and it feels really really good. checkout sites like etsy or artfire or made it.com.au. go to local art and craft markets, talk with the artists and buy something made with love – it may work out to be less expensive than you think and spread the joy around this holiday season! think about who may need your money more, Target or that nice mother who makes the beautiful jewellery.
  4. Does the artist you like have a zazzle or redbubble site? can you buy a print or some postcards or stickers? do they have an art book on Blurb?
  5. Do they have a donation button on their website? every little bit counts.
  6. Talk to the artist. can they make a smaller version or arrange a payment plan? artists will generally be very accommodating!
  7. Do you know a gallery owner or a restaurant that needs an artist like the one you like? can you recommend them to someone to help their career? most artist/gallery relationships are founded on recommendations. word of mouth like this can be extremely valuable.
  8. Take lessons from an artist. did you want to learn to draw/sculpt/photograph things/smelt/paint/dance/sing? you can usually find a local artist who can help!
  9. Support arts in your local schools. go to productions and exhibitions, donate or go to a school market. funding for the arts has been slashed in many public programs, help your schools out!
  10. Visit your galleries, public and commercial. some public galleries run on donations and interest. some commercial galleries run on fumes and concepts. you don’t have to buy to show your support for the artist, for the curator, for the space.
  11. and when you can, if you can, buy the artworks you love.

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