Farewell 2012…


2012 was a year of overcoming challenges for me, my resolution this year was to identify opportunities and go after them. I am proud to say I did that! I made an opportunity out of almost everything and it paid off in many ways! Here are some of my favorite achievements for the year.

  1. I made great strides forward in managing my pain. The swelling has decreased quite dramatically and the pain is lessened to a significant degree. I still have to take care of it, it’s still always there, but I have improved. I can walk further and swim more. I can enjoy things more.
  2. I spent more time out in the studio. I was less good about posting here, but I created better art and got some of my best ideas.
  3. I tried alternate sales methods and my affiliate revenue increased substantially. I made good sales, especially considering I wasn’t trying as hard as usual!
  4. I went overseas and was reminded of the joy of traveling and of family. I visited new and inspiring places and old favorites and am definitely planning on spending more time travelling!
  5. I watched my daughter grow and change, we bonded further over a mutual love for Disney and I feel very much a part of her life. This isn’t always easy when you can’t just grab a cuddle or scoop a child up in your arms. It’s also hard when you work long hours
  6. I was offered a book deal. In a stunning display of self respect I actually turned it down. They were refusing to clarify a copyright issue which could have become a threat to my work. I didn’t have time for it anyway. I may still write a book, but it will be the one I want to write.
  7. I updated my website with an all new theme and shopping cart.
  8. I was a finalist in Art Revolution Taipei and exhibited in their invitational
  9. I made some wonderful arty friends, exhibited at some delightful galleries including the always magnificent and decidedly geeky Artboy gallery
  10. I was invited to do a sponsored exhibition at a heritage listed gallery in Melbourne. I am working on that one now
  11. I discovered deeper passions within my work and a way to make all my interests unite.

I am sure there were more, there always are.. And then there are the moments that don’t work as a nice quip or sentence. All the times someone emailed me telling me I was an inspiration, or that my work changed the way they see things. The people who asked for help with assignments or with 3D. The friends and family who have stood by me and heard my raving about this exhibition 20,000 times. The hugs that were given and received. The little opportunities that we have every day to be happy and fulfilled.

Here’s to another great year in 2013!

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