Word for the Year…

Image - a render of Xochiquetzal, an aztec winged goddess

an Aztec Goddess, I chose Xochiquetzal for this post as I created her for the end of the world and my latest series.


Like so many others this year I am trying the one word resolution. you choose a word to represent the year you wish to have, a theme if you will. last year was about opportunities, finding the opportunities in everything I did. this was exceptionally successful and I’m delighted to try a simplified resolution path again this year. in the past I have created ridiculous amounts of resolutions, putting undue pressure on myself. simplifying last year enabled me to get to the root of what I really wanted to achieve.

Last year I learned to identify opportunities in everything I did. I rediscovered the joy of research and learning. my love of comparative religion and archeology. I found opportunities for exhibiting and for creating new and different works. 

This year my word is Seek. I want to seek opportunities, seek knowledge and time, seek life and friends and joy. seek achievements and galleries. seek new vistas and experiences. to Seek Art.

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