Is art worth killing over? 12 dead over cartoons at Charlie Hebdo

the most recent Charlie Hebdo comic is extremely On point

The ultimate form of censorship has to be death. When artists aren’t safe to express themselves, when they can’t be free to create to attempt to enact change and cause discussion and thought for fear of death, what then?

Artists must be free. Art is one of the purest and most visceral ways to communicate concepts and ideas that need to be shared, understood, grown. Comics are one of the most subversive ways to make quick, biting and often painfully true commentary.

I salute the brave artists and other victims at Charlie Hebdo. It’s a scary time to speak up for what you believe in. It’s a scary time to strike out against those who rule with fear. It’s a scary time – which means it’s an even more important time than ever.

In the interest of sharing their voice, here are some of the comics that the victims at Charlie Hebdo were killed for.

Stand strong. Create. Be free.

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