Gears – Daz Render

Gears – Daz Studio Advanced Render the next in my steampunk burlesque series, this painting is just about finished now, I will posts some WIPs of it next week to show my progress. I thought the difficult part would be the bustle, turns out the gears were a real pain! I’m thinking of buying some…

Death – Daz Render

Death – Daz Studio Advanced Render ArtBoy Gallery is doing it again! this time FanBoy Vs ArtBoy is looking at comics. I decided to do a three part set based on Jean Grey, looking at Phoenix and Dark Phoenix – guess which one this is? The opening is on the 10th of June, come by…

Nude of the week – inverted

This is the last render created with my old iMac! My trusty iMac is no more, the hard drive has died. The good news is that I now have a very sexy new iMac on order, the bad is that I don’t know how much data was backed up in my time machine backups because…

Runtimes – your Daz content and you

I used to have one large one, with this new install I will be running one for my paid content, one for my free content and a special one for the content I beta test (as a ninja – shhhh!). but I don’t recommend you have anything so complicated to start out with. if you are using the Daz installers they will give you nice prompts and install where you tell them, or to their default location in applications/dazStudio/content. if you buy from Renderosity , or download freebies, you will get a .zip file with your content. the .zip files will have all the directories and everything laid out, but you will need to merge them together (or you will overwrite your existing content!!). in winzip I believe it’s automatic, however with a mac it’s actually not the default.

Hey Big Spender… Why the Platinum Club at Daz is worth it

I’ve been a platinum member for almost two years now. not as long as many but when I realized what a huge boon to my work Daz Studio was (and when they released Daz Studio advanced) I decided to take the leap. at first it was monthly, but last year when I got caught up in the October festivities I took out an annual membership and have never looked back!

Nude of the Week – Chair 1 Daz Render

This was another piece I was thrilled with when the final render was complete. everything came together. setting these up is tricky and time consuming, it can be frustrating but so rewarding when the render completes Link to the original sketch here Daz|Studio products used Figure: Victoria 4 *free* Character: Eve Hair and Hat: Sienna Hair Lighting: Studiolight Pro Shoes: Stylish Shoes Morphs: Morphs++ and NGM for V4 Bustle: from Infamous