Hey Big Spender… Why the Platinum Club at Daz is worth it


so it’s that time of the year again, for me anyway, it’s time for the Platinum Club anniversary at Daz3D. what does that mean? well, for one, it’s when my renewal comes up for grabs. I’ve been a platinum member for almost two years now. not as long as many but when I realized what a huge boon to my work Daz Studio was (and when they released Daz Studio advanced) I decided to take the leap. at first it was monthly, but last year when I got caught up in the October festivities I took out an annual membership and have never looked back!

The PC club rewards you all year around, you get a $5 voucher every month, a special category of $1.99 items (many of which are absolutely brilliant) that are added to every week, special competitions, a 30% discount on Daz originals, extra discounts on new items as they come out and if you are lucky you can become a member of the (shh!) Ninja Squad. the beta testers of the company.

in October however, they pull out all the stops. this year it’s the 8th anniversary, so all club items are discounted to $1.88, we get a 40% discount rather than 30% for this month, 8% back on all purchases and if we renew we get so much free stuff! (if you get an annual membership you get a $30 voucher and up to 80 free items!!!!!)

so why am I doing a sales pitch to you? a lot of people have started reading this blog looking for tips on Daz, finding content and hopefully starting to make 3D art. I will be writing much more on the subject (your emails have not gone unheard!) but lots of people have asked me about finding content and getting the best bang for your bucks. this october is the best way, hands down, to get a collection of 3D items for your runtime for a fraction of the cost.

Next week starts my favorite part as well.. the $1.99 voting! more on that next week…

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