Miley Cyrus recants opinion of her nude photo shoot

photo courtesy of Beanstockd The Disney actress was originally embarrassed when the photos were published last June and called it “a mistake.” Miley, now 16, was only 15 years old when she appeared in the magazine with a photo of only a blanket wrapped around her chest. But now the “Hannah Montana” star feels different.…

More on the Nude Hannah Montana Scandal

I especially like so many members of the media taking the time to explain what a non event it is and how so much of the media is hyping it up, it appeals to the ironic in me I guess…. | Art & architecture | Guardian Unlimited The real question is why we are only now concerned about the sanctified purity of a teenaged superstar who struts around in mini-skirts selling concert tickets on the all-but-explicit promise, “Your kids will thank you, and Dad won’t necessarily be bored.”… From Internal Dissent: Miley Cyrus’s “nude” photo for Vanity Fair magazine – Full Comment While there may be an uproar around Miley Cyrus’s “topless” photo for a Vanity Fair shoot, it’s possible that this photograph of Miley with “Achy, Breaky” dad Billy Ray Cyrus is more disturbing.

Media Furor over Teen Nude

The much debated Miley Cyrus Portrait by Annie Leibovitz I don’t want to come across as a prude but surely creating this pedophile fantasy of a Disney star crosses the line…. The reason women are asked to take their clothes off for the camera is as simple as sex – it’s because men like to look at naked women, and exposed breasts and bums will sell magazines, calendars and movies…. I think the whole thing is a bit of a publicity stunt but I am appalled at the attitude of Sally Morrell and other reporters who don’t seem to have actually looked at the pic (or any art for that matter).