A New Impasto Nude

Currently Untitled

Currently Untitled,
by Jennie

At this rate I might end up being one of those artists who names everything ‘untitled’! anyway, I am looking at more challenging shapes within this technique. before, my impasto pieces had a total of 6 main lines. Now, as I move into more complex concepts, I am changing it up a bit. it lends a slightly more abstracted air in a way and a bit of edge but I don’t know if it is working. this piece looks less spontaneous and more deliberate somehow.. that may be a good thing or a bad thing but I haven’t made up my mind yet. Maybe I am just too close to the piece for now.

I find I hate a piece for a while after I paint it. there seems to be a cooling off period and after that I start falling in love with it. I get too invested with the concept I see in my head and focus on the flaws. it’s almost as if they are strangers at first and I am a little wary but when the dust settles I am able to take my time to get to know a painting.

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