5000 live nude bodies in Sydney for Tunick Shoot

I am looking forward to seeing the final photograph sand genuinely sorry I had to miss out. this is such an inspiration that people can shed their inhibitions and realize that it’s all just skin, we all have it and there is nothing that special, shameful or worrisome about it. it’s another step forward- especially in a country that is seeing way too much in the way of censorship.

Blarney Nudes

Spencer Tunick has done a lot for nude art, in the last eight years, his attitudes and installations help to reinforce the idea that nudity isn’t inherently sexual but natural and even fun, a unifying concept that links us all at the most basic level…. Tunick’s work has been criticized in the past and there have been court orders to try to prevent his installations from taking place, but the very public nature of his work is one of the things that makes it so compelling and the final results so interesting. the installation is not just about the photographs, although that is what most people see, it’s also about people braving the elements, public scrutiny and an artist’s whims clad in nothing but their skin.