Tunick’s nude opera house installation

‘The Base’ in Sydney on 1st March 2010 as part of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras

Spencer Tunick, an artist renowned for photographing large groups of naked people in public, has picked the iconic landmark as the backdrop to his latest project.

On March 1st, hundreds of people will strip off and take their places on the steps of the Opera House for the art work, which has been commissioned by the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras as part of its 2010 celebrations.

Titled “The Base”, participants will be asked to strike a selection of poses to make several different installations.

Tunick told the Sydney Morning Herald that he is excited that permission for his latest work has been granted.

“I like to work with the body in a non-sexual way in public space. I think it breaks down a lot of barriers in society and for myself as well,” he added.

[From Sydney Opera House ‘to host nude art’]

As usual I can’t make it to this spencer tunick installation either, which is a huge shame as I support Tunick’s work and the thoughts behind this installation – at 12 days from B-day I will be way too gravid to make the trip- let alone strike poses!. however, if you would like to sign up and be a part of it go here – http://www.mardigras.org.au/tunick/

Tunick says he has been a lifelong advocate of gay rights. “We’re going through a lot of issues right now in the United States with gay marriage, rights for partners and gays in the military,” he says.

“And I feel that if I can do something that combines the gay community and the straight community in an artwork that’s about the human form, about breaking it down to the equality of flesh to flesh, it will have a profound impact on the participants and, possibly, the viewer.”

Though it is frequently misunderstood, Tunick’s art is hardly a concession to the raincoat brigade. Nudes are his medium, the way some artists use pebbles, glass, clay or stone.

[From You’re the medium, grin and bare it | The Australian]

I hope that the current censorship issues in NSW do not get in Tunick’s way with this installation!

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