My cycle of work, the peaks and troughs

All my life I have had a very specific way of working. In high school I would research an essay topic up until the day before it was due, then pull an all nighter to get it done. I would cram to study the night before, I would spend all year thinking about gifts to…

achieving my goals for 2011 bit by bit – the studio

so, I mentioned that I had a number of goals for this year , getting back on track after taking a bit of maternity leave (I didn’t take much time off, but I always feel behind) so I’m going to break down my plan for each of my goals in turn in a project management new years series. this is so that I can a) get it all down in an accountable way, and b) show a little on how classic project management techniques can be used for artists.

Pressure Mounting

Storm – 12×12 Oils on Canvas by Jennie Rosenbaum it use to be that I needed pressure, it fueled me and spurred me on. I would rise under it the more I had to cope with. I am sure I will be like that again very soon but I admit I’ve been panicking quietly about this show , once I get into the studio and do some painting I am sure I will relax and start working in my usual pre show manner (in a massive flurry of creativity) but I have to get over this case of nerves first! to help with that I’ve reverted to my old Project management practices to make sure I know when everything needs to get done, and how, and what I have to do, what relates to everything else and how long everything will take to do.