Guinea Pig

so I now have new drugs again.. An antibiotic for my cold as it as moved in my chest (again) and babada baAAA! (that was a fanfare) New PAINKILLERS! HooRAY! I am tolerated to Feldene and Voltarin now but the Doc is trying me on something new, it is apparently gentler on the stomach but close to feldene. We shall see how it goes but I am hopeful, a little worried about how it interacts with alcohol but usually they enhance each other which is nice, that’s what feldene does. Makes me a cheap drunk though…

While I was at the doctors I got a referral for a specialist as per the lawyers request, he is apparently a leading authority on back injuries and may even be able to help (with the pain, not the cases) I am deathly afraid of having surgery or quartizone injections recommended – it sounds so wrong to introduce foreign substances like that and surgery is just wrong.

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